Putting the “Happy” back in “Happy Holidays”

I am old enough to remember “old-fashioned” Christmases that were a fun time of being together with family, baking cookies under Mom’s watchful eye, decorating the Christmas tree and the house, midnight services, putting out cookies and milk for Santa (and reading his ‘thank you’ note the next morning), opening our stocking gifts followed by Christmas breakfast, then everyone into the living room to open presents, many of which were either hand-made or were purchased with money carefully earned and saved for the purpose.

Afternoons meant being with our extended family at one or another aunt and uncles home where we kids showed off our new favorite toy, followed by a huge Christmas dinner where the praise of the perfectness of the roasting of the guest of honor was as much a part of the ritual as the grace that followed its’ arrival at the table.

If you were a child, the simple object of Christmas was toys!   If you were no longer a child, your goal was to make it a fun Christmas for yourself and to help the adults with setup and cleanup.

Holiday energy is feminine energy.  It is the energy of family, of giving and nurturing and sharing, and love above all.

Yet, somewhere in the ‘50’s, Madison Avenue set the rogue male element loose on the feminine.  The Vikings were released upon the open-hearted villagers, and our wallets and lifestyles have been thoroughly plundered ever since.  Status gifts (“give her Arpege”, Barbie, Banana Republic and the xbox just to name a quick few) and the credit card replaced the traditional, often handmade, carefully planned, thought-out and budgeted gifts we grew up with.  “Black Friday” was spawned and “black” is the perfect appellation.

I spent my share of years playing football and rugby and I loved it.  Yet the sight of modern gladiators fighting over a piece of leather on a day meant to celebrate the birth of perhaps the most loving man who ever lived is utterly incongruous with the meaning of the day.  Feminine energy has been completely kicked to the curb.

To say that most women resent the loss of their central role in the biggest holiday of the year is superfluous.  It is no wonder that so many are unhappy!


I           Clear Your Mind. Recreate the Season.

            A.        What were the best Christmases/Chanukahs that you experienced as

                        an adult?  List them.

B.        What made those holidays so wonderful?  Write down all of the things that made them so memorable.

C.        What were the worst Christmases or Chanukahs that you experienced as an adult?  Write down all of the things that made those holidays so unpleasant.

II          Clear the Past

            With your pendulum rotating counterclockwise, ask the universe to neutralize and scramble all of the detrimental or non-beneficial (to you) energies of all of the holidays that were unpleasant.  Use your list and do your best to recall the feelings of each unpleasant holiday event.  Keep focusing on those emotions as the pendulum works until you feel the emotion going away.

Continue doing this, going from holiday to holiday, until your pendulum until your pendulum stops spinning and returns to the neutral or “yes” position. 

Now, with your pendulum working clockwise, ask the universe to take the newly neutralized and scrambled energy and transform it to the highest, most appropriate and most beneficial level for the energy to become a blessing upon you  for this and all future holidays.  Your pendulum will continue to work in the clockwise direction and will again return to the neutral or ‘”yes” position when all of the energy is transformed into a blessing upon you.

Enjoy the holidays!

Dick Tippett

Christmas, 2020

Comments from Keith Smyth

One of the problems I while growing up was to find out what someone wanted for their birthday, (I didn’t dowse then,) so I would ask “What was the worst present you ever got?” and listen very carefully for the answer, then ask “What was the best present you ever got?” and again, listen. That would give me an idea of an area to look into for a gift. Here is Maggie’s process. Enjoy!

Buying Gifts                  

By Maggie Percy

What Do You Want The Gift To Do?

You need to be very clear what your goals are for buying this gift, or you may not be satisfied with the results.

Are you just doing it because you have to show up with something? Well, then your gift won’t wow the recipient.

Do you want the person to be amazed and fall in love with you or whatever you gave? That requires a bit of thought.

Are you on a budget? Do you want to shop online or in person? Do you only want to go to the mall and find something in one of the shops there? Write down what your specific desires are and build them into the question as your ‘goals’.

Dowsing has helped me to choose gifts that are very well-received. Likewise, it has helped me avoid disappointing ones. I’m sure you’ve experienced that, where you spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect gift for a loved one. Then you gave it to them and found out they already had one; it was the wrong size; they wouldn’t use it; they really didn’t like it that much.

I think everyone has been disappointed in their gift giving, and this is an area that both newbies and veteran dowsers can put to the test right away and see great results.

The following sections address key aspects of dowsing for success in giving great gifts.

What To Give?

Dowsing probably is a bit harder to do on this topic. If you have no clue what the recipient likes, dowsing can help you, but I find it much better at narrowing down choices once you have a better idea of what you intend to get.

You can use dowsing to check out what category of gift would go over best. Some of the categories you can consider could be:


2.candy or other consumable (gourmet food and wine)



5.hobby stuff




9.small appliances

10.accessories of any kind

11.tickets to an event or movie

12.gift certificate of some type.

You can make a list of all the categories you would consider, then assign each a unique number. Then dowse which category has the best gift idea that you are able to buy online or locally for your price range.

Dowse this question: Of the categories in this list, which category has the best gift for my goals? Note this islike scale dowsing in that you don’t get a simple yes/no answer. You can list dowse a list of all the numbers or even the names of the categories, running your finger down the list as your pendulum swings in a neutral swing, waiting for the ‘yes’ to show you the answer. Then double check the category you chose.

Do They Already Have One?

It is so disappointing to buy a gift that is a duplicate of something your friend or relative already has. So you definitely want to check that they don’t have one, once you determine what it is you intend to buy: Does (name of recipient) already have (a copy of a particular book/tickets to a specific event/a jacket just like this) at this time?

Will they Like It?

Whether they have one or not, it’s important to assure yourself that the investment you make is going to make them very happy. So check that out: On a scale of +10 to -10, with negative numbers meaning they won’t like it, how will (recipient’s name) like this item if I give it to the mas a (name the occasion) gift?

I sure wished my father had used this question and dowsed about some of the gifts he gave my mother. His gifts always made her angry. He would give her appliances and work-saving devices like a new vacuum. To her, that represented her enslavement to housework and seemed like a slap for how she was doing it. He never figured it out, because they never talked about anything.

Will they Use It?

I discovered this tricky little aspect one day when dowsing a gift for Dad. I found a jacket I thought would look sharp on him, and I dowsed he’d like it. It was a leather jacket that was very nice. But something told me to ask if he would use it, and the answer came out ‘no’. Don’t be bummed out by having your gift sit on a shelf forever.

If I give this item to (person’s name) as a (occasion) gift, will they use it?

Where Is The Best Place To Buy It?

You many have a preference for buying online. Or perhaps you want to go to the mall. Maybe you don’t want to drive too far.

Another thing that enters into where you buy a gift is price. Some places have the same item for a lower price. Or maybe you get better service or a good guarantee somewhere. Be clear what your goals are with respect to the place you intend to buy it, then dowse: On a scale of +10 to -10, with negative numbers being bad, how does(name of store)rate for buying(name the exact item) as a gift(name the time frame, like ‘this week’)–they may be out of stock?

As you can see, dowsing can make a very large difference in gift choosing and for your reputation.

December 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends,
December is here and it did not bring any relief from our COVID – challenged world.  Rumors are that we will continue being restricted in our travel and meetings well into the Spring.

With that in mind, we will continue to work to stay in touch with everyone through these newsletters as best we can until we can once again share hugs and a snack and a speaker, all in the same place.

We’ll be doing two newsletters this month, since I’ve got an abundance of timely material.  The second one will talk about dowsing and the holidays.
In this one I want to introduce you to an excellent site on shamanism, which has an article this month on revisioning our lives in this challenging time entitled “Weaving a New Reality”.  The article discusses the astrologic and spiritual energy of the time and talks about what we can do to create things newly in this time of forced change, rather than simply being a victim of it.  Included in the article is information on the two eclipses in December, and their effect on the world.  https://thepowerpath.com

There is a guided meditation accompanying the article which is a treat to do.  I have just done the meditation for the first time; for me it is quite good.  Never realized that I had so many attachments!

Enjoy, and remember the fun of us being together!
Dick Tippett,
Chair, San Jose Dowsers


2020: San Jose Dowser Board with a message to our dowser community.

Dear Dowser Community,

You are in our daily thoughts.  We, in compliance with “Shelter in Place” guidelines, have cancelled our Saturday seminars for the foreseeable future. We will update the schedule when the safety of our community is better assured.

Many of the practitioners, with whom you may have worked, are still working with clients. Sessions are typically by phone or Zoom or other similar methods. We do not have a list of the practitioners.

We encourage you to keep safe by adhering to the recommended safety practices. We sorely miss having contact with our community. We look forward to the day when we can safely gather, shake hands, hug and chat.  Until then we are with you in spirit and love.







The best way to learn more about dowsing, or the local chapter, is to attend our monthly meeting.

Meetings – Temporarily Postponed,  2020

Location:  Community of Infinite Spirit (Formerly Divine Science Community Center) in San Jose. See below for address and driving directions.

At 12:30 Beginning Dowsing Class with Keith Smyth and Harmonizing Class with Joachim Wippich are available. Please come early to participate!!!!!

Our Speakers are waiting for the time we can again meet


Meeting Agenda:
12:30      Doors open – Classes with Keith and Joachim
1:45        Meeting begins
2:00        Speaker
3:30        Classes begin
4:30        Clean-up                      

Meeting Entrance Fee:
$5           American Society of Dowsers (ASD) Members
$7           Visitors

Classes may include:

– Continue discussion with guest speaker
– Basic dowsing techniques – Keith Smyth

  – Harmonizing with Joachim Wippich


Dinner: (optional) Following the meeting, attendees sometimes choose to continue sharing and socializing at a nearby restaurant.

Items for Sale / Fundraising: Items will be available for sale during and after the meeting. Donated materials such as books are very much appreciated; proceeds benefit the chapter.

Meeting Location Information:
Email: info@sjdowsing.com

Driving Directions:

From the North: Take 101 (or) 280 south. Exit

From the East Bay: Take 880 South. E