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2020: San Jose Dowser Board with a message to our dowser community.

Dear Dowser Community,

You are in our daily thoughts.  We, in compliance with “Shelter in Place” guidelines, have cancelled our Saturday seminars for the foreseeable future. We will update the schedule when the safety of our community is better assured.

Many of the practitioners, with whom you may have worked, are still working with clients. Sessions are typically by phone or Zoom or other similar methods. We do not have a list of the practitioners.

We encourage you to keep safe by adhering to the recommended safety practices. We sorely miss having contact with our community. We look forward to the day when we can safely gather, shake hands, hug and chat.  Until then we are with you in spirit and love.







The best way to learn more about dowsing, or the local chapter, is to attend our monthly meeting.

Meetings – Temporarily Postponed,  2020

Location:  Community of Infinite Spirit (Formerly Divine Science Community Center) in San Jose. See below for address and driving directions.

At 12:30 Beginning Dowsing Class with Keith Smyth and Harmonizing Class with Joachim Wippich are available. Please come early to participate!!!!!

Our Speakers are waiting for the time we can again meet


Meeting Agenda:
12:30      Doors open – Classes with Keith and Joachim
1:45        Meeting begins
2:00        Speaker
3:30        Classes begin
4:30        Clean-up                      

Meeting Entrance Fee:
$5           American Society of Dowsers (ASD) Members
$7           Visitors

Classes may include:

– Continue discussion with guest speaker
– Basic dowsing techniques – Keith Smyth

  – Harmonizing with Joachim Wippich


Dinner: (optional) Following the meeting, attendees sometimes choose to continue sharing and socializing at a nearby restaurant.

Items for Sale / Fundraising: Items will be available for sale during and after the meeting. Donated materials such as books are very much appreciated; proceeds benefit the chapter.

Meeting Location Information:
Community of Infinite Spirit (Formerly Divine Science Community Center)
1540 Hicks Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125
(parking in rear of building)
Office: (408) 293-3838
Email: info@sjdowsing.com

Driving Directions:

From the North: Take 101 (or) 280 south. Exit 880/17 West towards Santa Cruz. Exit on Hamilton Ave and cross up and over freeway. Approx. 1.7 miles after Safeway shopping center, turn left at light on Hicks Ave.  Go approx. 0.3 miles. The Community Center will be on the right.

From the East Bay: Take 880 South. Exit Hamilton Ave and cross up and over the freeway. Approx. 1.7 miles after Safeway shopping center, turn left at light on Hicks Ave. Go approx. 0.3 miles. The Community Center will be on the right.From the SouthTake 101 North. Exit 85 North. Exit 17/880 towards San Jose. Exit right on Hamilton Ave and drive approximately 1.7 miles. After Safeway shopping center, turn left at light on Hicks Ave. Go approx. 0.3 miles. The Community Center will be on the right.