The best way to learn more about dowsing, or the local chapter, is to attend our monthly meeting.

Something NEW: At 12:30 Beginning Dowsing Class with Keith Smyth and Harmonizing Class with Joachim Wippich are available. Please come early to participate!!!!!

Peggy Waters

Reclaim your Energy Easily

We are going to do these techniques in the talk.  So bring your pendulums or other devices.  This talk is for all levels, so please come even if you are a beginner.

Toxic Cords and stuck thoughts can tie up so much of our energy that they just keep us in the same ruts.  We will finish them off for good and reclaim their energy to create what we really want in our lives.


Toxic cords are connections that do not serve us. They are like junk food: they may keep us alive but don’t nourish us. They clog our chakras and energetic bodies and keep us from getting our true needs met. We will identify which toxic cords to  address first, where they are, what unmet need  they represent, release them and align our energy with really getting that need met.


We have all had obsessive or stuck thoughts. For example, having a recurring conversation in our head with someone or obsessing over an unpleasant interaction.  It is like our thoughts have been taken over..  We tell it to go away or clear it but it keeps coming back.  It’s amazing how much energy is available after we deal with it permanently. We will do a simple process using  acupressure points to release  the obsessive thought and reclaim our brain.

There will be a follow up workshop for 6 to 10 people. Time and place to be determined.


A split is a part of us that is offline. Splits happen from events that were so traumatic to us that we thought we died.  So the traumatized part just  leaves. It is like it is in limbo. It may not even have been a hugely bad event but it happened when we were younger and it defeated us. It usually takes with it some ability or capacity. We carry on afterwards, but have lost part of ourselves and an ability. I had one client who got back her ability to sing and went on to have a new career supporting herself by singing.  Monetary issues often involve splits and clients are delighted with having more money easily.

Retrieving this split off part is a delicate matter.  It takes longer than we have on Saturday to adequately address all this so I am doing it on Sunday where there is plenty of time to do a thorough job of clearing all  the pain, and integrating  the lost ability back. We will do one split per person on Saturday and I will put the recording of the process on Google drive so you can access it as you need for other splits.

Peggy has worked with subtle energy for over 35 years.  She learned what works and what doesn’t.  Peggy is a Mathematician, licensed Acupuncturist, certified classical homeopath, NLP practitioner, wealthy mind trainer,  organic gardener,  animal rescuer and initiated priestess of the inner temple. Peggy has a private healing practice in Ben Lomond and teaches manifestation classes throughout the Bay Area The main influences in Peggy’s work are:  Priscilla Kapel (Bioenergy Balancing), Ramanand Patel (Iyengar Yoga ), The Seth Material and Ester Hicks (Law of Attraction),  Robert Mahaney and David Bierman (Dowsing), Pema Chodren (Inner Peace), R.J. Stewart and Starhawk (Magic), Michaelle Small Wright (Gardening  with Devas), Elizabeth Rochat (Ancient Chinese Medical Philosophy),  Mary Greer (Life as a Dream), Roger Morrison (Homeopathy), Thea Elijah (Whole Heart Healing).

Please feel free to contact Peggy at 831-336- 9283.


Meeting Agenda:
12:30      Doors open. Keith Smyth and Joachim Wippich holding classes
1:45        Meeting begins
2:00        Speaker
3:30        Classes begin
4:30        Clean-up                      

Meeting Entrance Fee:
$5           American Society of Dowsers (ASD) Members
$7           Visitors

Classes may include:

– Continue discussion with guest speaker
– Basic dowsing techniques – Keith Smyth
– Harmonizing with Joachim Wippich


Dinner: (optional) Following the meeting, attendees sometimes choose to continue sharing and socializing at a nearby restaurant.

Items for Sale / Fundraising: Items will be available for sale during and after the meeting. Donated materials such as books are very much appreciated; proceeds benefit the chapter.

Meeting Location Information:
Community of Infinite Spirit (Formerly Divine Science Community Center)
1540 Hicks Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125
(parking in rear of bldg)
Office: (408) 293-3838
Email: sanjosedowsers@yahoo.com

Driving Directions:

From the North: Take 101 (or) 280 south. Exit 880/17 West towards Santa Cruz. Exit on Hamilton Ave and cross up and over freeway. Approx. 1.7 miles after Safeway shopping center, turn left at light on Hicks Ave.  Go approx. 0.3 miles. The Community Center will be on the right.

From the East Bay: Take 880 South. Exit Hamilton Ave and cross up and over the freeway. Approx. 1.7 miles after Safeway shopping center, turn left at light on Hicks Ave. Go approx. 0.3 miles. The Community Center will be on the right.

From the SouthTake 101 North. Exit 85 North. Exit 17/880 towards San Jose. Exit right on Hamilton Ave and drive approximately 1.7 miles. After Safeway shopping center, turn left at light on Hicks Ave. Go approx. 0.3 miles. The Community Center will be on the right.