History of the Chapter
As recalled by SJ Chapter member Irene Healy

The San Jose Chapter was started in the mid-seventies by John Wayne Blassingame and met first at Kelly Park. It drew participants from all over northern California, including Livermore, Monterey and San Francisco. The individuals who came were so excited to be with other dowsers and to have a place to share their many dowsing experiences.

The introduction part of the meeting was the time people introduced themselves and shared their experiences. John finally had to put a time limit on certain individuals because they could not contain themselves to one story! It was great fun!

Everyone was taught how to use all four of the main dowsing tools and soon found the one that worked best for them. Finding water was always the main focus in those days.It was also a time when lay lines, positive and negative energies were being introduced as will as finding lost objects and lost people (it was still the hippie era and there were lots of run aways). Map dowsing was also introduced.

The chapter grew quickly and had to change meeting places several times over the years. Being connected with the national American Society of Dowsersbrought teachers and speakers from across the country, especially from the New England states, as well as Master dowsers from California who were looking for a place to share their dowsing experiences and new ideas and discoveries of how dowsing could be used.

The San Jose chapter also decided to sponsor the third West Coast Conference and has continued to be a sponsor of the conference for more than 23 years. Emphasis among the dowsers has changed throughout the past years to include practitioners in the medical field, dentistry, chiropractic, feng shui, therapy, the alternative health field, and spirituality, to mention a few. The one thing we all learn is that there are no limits to what we can use dowsing for. We also love to share what we know.

Current Board Members
Wayne Hoff
V P: Keith Smyth
Secretary/Treasurer: Linda LaCount
Senior Adviser: Joe Whipich, Irene Healey
Greeters: Linda LaCount

Interested in volunteering?
Call Wayne Hoff at 831-818-6980 or send an email to wodan@biospiritus.net

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